军火之王(Lord of War)是由尼古拉斯·凯奇主演的一部电影,导演是新西兰人安德鲁·尼克尔,于2005年9月16日在美国上映。影片的DVD版本于2006年1月17日在美国发行。



  • 在这世界上一共有伍亿伍千万支军火在流通,那就是说每12个人就有1个人有枪,唯一的问题是:我们如何让其他11个人也有枪?
    • 原文:There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every 12 people on the planet. The only question is...how do we arm the other 11?
  • 军火贩卖的第一条并且是最重要的规则是,决不能被你自己卖的商品打伤。
    • 原文:The first and most important rule of gun-running is, never get shot with your own merchandise.
  • 在诸多苏联武器中,没有一种比卡拉什尼可夫1947年款自动步枪最有利可图,也就是著名的AK-47,又称卡拉什尼科夫。它是世界上最流行的突击步枪,所有战士的最爱,完美结合锻钢和夹板木,重9磅,高雅而简单。它不会坏、卡壳、过热。就算它沾满泥土或者沙子一样可以正常的开火。使用简单,连小孩子都会,而且他们的确在使用它。苏联把它印制到硬币上,而莫三比克则把它印在国旗上。自从冷战结束后,AK-47成为了苏联主要的出口货物,其次是伏特加酒、鱼子酱和有自杀倾向的诗人。但有一点肯定的是,没有人会排队买他们的汽车。
    • 原文:Of all the weapons in the vast soviet arsenal nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947, more commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It's the worlds most popular assault rifle, a weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple nine pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood, it doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It will shot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand. It's so easy even a child could use it, and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people's greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars.
  • 有两种悲剧人生。一种是你没有得到想要的。另一种是得到它。
    • 原文:There are two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it.
  • 我卖武器给左派和右派。我也会卖给和平主义者,但他们并不是最常见的客人。
    • 原文:I sell to leftists, and rightists. I'd sell to pacifists, but they're not the most regular customers.
  • 第一次卖枪的感觉,很大程度上就象第一次做爱一样,你根本不知道自己在干嘛,虽然很刺激,但很快就结束了。
    • 原文:The first time you sell a gun is a lot like the first time you have sex. You have absolutely no idea what you're doing. But it is exciting, and one way or another, it's over way too fast.
  • 我的一生都想远离暴力,但其实我更该接近它才对。这是人类的天性。人类最早遗骸的胸腔中,就有矛头。
    • 原文:Here, I'd been running away from violence my whole life, and I should have been running towards it. It's in our nature. The earliest human skeletons had spearheads in their ribcages.
  • 怎么,你要开个枪店?
    • 原文:What, you opening a gun shop?
  • 美国的枪店已经比麦当劳还多了。
    • 原文:Already more of those in America than McDonald's.
  • 原文:先生,有没兴趣看看肩扛式SA-7地对空导弹,中国造,过时的型号,用在现代军用飞机上或许不行,不过对于商业航班来说就足够了。
    • Sir, sir, may I interest you in the shoulder-fired SA-7 surface-to-air missile? It's the older Chinese model. Not so effective against modern military aircraft, but deadly if used against a commercial airliner.
  • 一些最成功的关系是基于谎言和欺骗。反正早晚会走到欺骗这一步,从欺骗开始关系也是很合理的。
    • 原文:Some of the most successful relationships are based on lies and deceit. Since that's where they usually end up anyway, it's a logical place to start.
  • 我很有语言天赋。但我很快发现,最好的谈判语言就是美元,第纳尔,德拉克马,卢布,卢比和他妈的英镑。
    • 原文:I had a flair for languages. But I soon discovered that what talks best is dollars, dinars, drachmas, rubles, rupees and pounds fucking sterling.
  • 说说你最喜欢军阀和独裁者的哪一点,那就是他们支付帐单都很准时。
    • 原文:Say what you like about warlords and dictators; they always pay their bills on time.
  • (对著杰克·瓦伦丁的一个同事)啊呀……新型的MP5。你想不想再加一个消音器呢?
    • 原文:[To one of Agent Valentine's colleagues] Ahh…the new MP5. Would you like a silencer for that?
  • 国际刑警组织的杰克·瓦伦丁特工无法用钱收买。对于杰克来说,荣誉才是他所要的。
    • 原文:Interpol Agent Jack Valentine couldn't be bought. At least, not with money. For Jack, glory was the prize.
  • 贩卖枪械就像销售真空吸尘器一样,你拨打电话,在马路上讨价还价,敲定订单。我是一个把机会均等的死亡商人,除了“救世军”,我卖武器给任何一支军队,我把以色列造的乌兹冲锋枪卖给穆斯林,我把共产主义造的子弹卖给法西斯,我还把军火运到阿富汗,尽管他们在打我的苏联朋友。我从来没卖给过乌萨玛·本·拉登,不是因为道德问题,而是因为那个时候他总开空头支票。
    • 原文:Selling guns is like selling vacuum cleaners; you make calls, pound the pavement, take orders. I was an equal-opportunity merchant of death; I supplied to every army but the Salvation Army. I sold Israeli-made Uzis to Muslims. I sold communist-made bullets to fascists. I even shipped cargo to Afghanistan when they were fighting my fellow Soviets. I never sold to Osama bin Laden. Not on any moral grounds. Back then he was always bouncing checks.
  • 你知道谁会继承这个世界?是军火商,因为其他人都在忙着自相残杀。这就是生存的秘密。千万不要参加战争,特别是和你自己。
    • 原文:You know who's going to inherit the earth? Arms dealers. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other. That's the secret to survival. Never go to war, especially with yourself.
  • 每一个在非洲的派系,喜欢给自己起一些高尚的名字,解放这个,爱国那个,或者共和或民主什么的,也许他们不知道自己是什么,地球唯一喜欢战争的民族,往往最残忍的暴行都出自声称自己为自由战士的人们。
    • 原文:Every faction in Africa calls themselves by these noble names Liberation-this, Patriotic-that, Democratic Republic of something-or-other. I guess they can't own up to what they usually are -- Federation of Worse Oppressors Than the Last Bunch of Oppressors. Often, the most barbaric atrocities occur when both combatants proclaim themselves freedom fighters.
  • 让我来告诉你将会发生什么,这样可以让你有所准备。好的。很快会有人来敲门,你会被叫到外面去。在过道里,会有一个官阶比你高的人站在那里,首先,他会祝贺你所做的一切,你使世界成为一个和平的地方,你会得到嘉奖或升职。然后他会告诉你,我需要被释放,你会反对,你也许会以辞职来要挟他。但是在最后我还是会被释放。我被释放的原因,和你认为我会被判刑的原因是一样的。我和一些世界上称自己为领导人的人打交道,这些人当中有一些人是你的敌人的敌人。世界上最大的军火交易商是你的老板:美国总统。他一天卖的,比我一年卖的还多……有时在枪支上找到他的指纹是一件很尴尬的事。有时他需要像我这样的自由工作者,来支持那些他不方便支持的军队。所以……你说我邪恶,但不幸的是,对你而言,我是一个必要之恶。
    • 原文:Let me tell you what's gonna happen. This way you can prepare yourself. Okay. Soon there's gonna be a knock on that door and you will be called outside. In the hall there will be a man who outranks you. First, he'll compliment you on the fine job you've done, that you're making the world a safer place, that you're to receive a commendation and a promotion. And then he's going to tell you that I am to be released. You're going to protest. You'll probably threaten to resign. But in the end I will be released. The reason I'll be released is the same reason you think I'll be convicted. I do rub shoulders with some of the most vile, sadistic men calling themselves leaders today. But some of those men are the enemies of your enemies. And while the biggest arms dealer in the world is your boss, the President of the United States, who ships more merchandise in a day than I do in a year... sometimes it's embarrassing to have his fingerprints on the guns. Sometimes he needs a freelancer like me to supply forces he can't be seen supplying. So... you call me evil. But unfortunately for you, I'm a necessary evil.


  • 你的致富手段就是让最穷的人在这个星球上继续互相残杀。知道为什么我追查你到这里?我能选择其它更荣耀的任务,比方追查核武。你认为那对世界和平更重要?错!今天十个战争受害者中有九人,是死于突击步枪和小型武器,正正就跟你的商品一样。至于那些核弹?它们还在发射井里待着呢!你的AK-47才是大规模杀伤性武器。
    • 原文:You get rich by giving the poorest people on the planet the means to continue killing each other. Do you know why I do what I do? I mean, there are more prestigious assignments. Keeping track of nuclear arsenals. You'd think that more critical to world security, but it's not. No, nine out of 10 war victims today are killed with assault rifles and small arms like yours. Those nuclear missiles, they sit in their silos. Your AK-47, that is the real weapon of mass destruction.
  • 我想叫你下地狱,但我认为你已深陷其中。
    • 原文:I will say go to hell, but I think you already there.


  • 记住,尤里,要选边站!
    • 原文:Remember Yuri, take sides.
  • 你有没有考虑过,我想要双方皆输?说到改朝换代,子弹比选票更有保证。你不该来这里的,我的年轻朋友,这不是业馀军火商该来的地方。
    • 原文:Did you ever consider that I wanted both sides to lose? Bullets change governments far surer than votes. You're in the wrong place, my young friend; this is no place for amateurs.
  • 军火商间开战有个优点,就是双方都不缺弹药。
    • 原文:The problem with gun runners going to war, is that there is no shortage of ammunition.


  • 尽管军火走私愈演愈烈,世界上最大的军火供应商却是美、英、俄、法、中,他们同时也是联合国安理会五个常任理事国。
    • 原文:While private gunrunners continue to thrive. The worlds's biggest arms suppliers are the U.S., U.K., Russia, France and China. They are also the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.


  • 中国军人:奥洛夫先生,您不会打算卖这些东西吧?
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:这是个人用的。
  • 中国军人:个人用?这里有10万发子弹。
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:我比较喜欢打枪。
  • 非洲妓女:[诱惑奥洛夫,谈论艾滋病]别担心,我们没有病。
    • 原文:[seducing Orlov, talking about AIDS]Don't worry. We don't have anything.
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:哦,你们怎么知道的呢?
    • 原文:Oh. How do you know?
  • 非洲妓女:我们看起来像有病吗?
    • 原文:Do we look like it?
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:如果我有艾滋病呢?你们不担心吗?
    • 原文:What if I have AlDS? Don't you worry?
  • 非洲妓女:你担心的太多了。
    • 原文:You worry too much.
  • 非洲妓女:为什么你现在担心一个十年后才会要你命的病,今天就能要你命的事物比比皆是。
    • 原文:Why do you worry about something that can kill you in 10 years when there's so many things that can kill you today?
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:但在两伊战争中,你出售枪支给双方。
    • 原文:But in the Iran-Iraq War, you sold guns to both sides.
  • 西门·瓦尔茨:你有没有考虑过,我想双方皆有损失?
    • 原文:Did you ever consider that I wanted both sides to lose?
  • 妓女(诱惑尤里):我们怎样才能使你幸福吗?
    • 原文:How can we make you happy?
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:离开这里。
    • 原文:By leaving.
  • 尤里·奥洛夫之父:我不信你回去只是要卖百事可乐,这是你希望被后人纪念的方式吗?
    • 原文:I don't think you're going just to sell Pepsi-Cola. Is this how you want to be remembered?
  • 尤里·奥洛夫:我根本不希望留名青史,如果是那样,就表示我已经死了。
    • 原文:I don't want to be remembered at all. If I'm being remembered it means I'm dead.