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这里有用来对付朱明这种编辑者的傀儡政策吗?--DukeAnt讨论) 2014年10月7日 (二) 05:07 (UTC)

  • 好像沒有,這裡沒有用戶查核員。--CBLIU-☎talk☎ 2014年10月24日 (五) 10:28 (UTC)
  • 可辨以其編輯模式,或遞案元維基申請用戶核查。不過目前維基規模尚小,暫無需要此等政策,原則應在「破壞則退,再毀則禁」。--J.Wong 2014年10月25日 (六) 02:09 (UTC)

Meta RfCs on two new global groups[编辑]

Hello all,

There are currently requests for comment open on meta to create two new global groups. The first is a group for members of the OTRS permissions queue, which would grant them autopatrolled rights on all wikis except those who opt-out. That proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Creation of a global OTRS-permissions user group. The second is a group for Wikimedia Commons admins and OTRS agents to view deleted file pages through the 'viewdeletedfile' right on all wikis except those who opt-out. The second proposal can be found at m:Requests for comment/Global file deletion review.

We would like to hear what you think on both proposals. Both are in English; if you wanted to translate them into your native language that would also be appreciated.

It is possible for individual projects to opt-out, so that users in those groups do not have any additional rights on those projects. To do this please start a local discussion, and if there is consensus you can request to opt-out of either or both at m:Stewards' noticeboard.

Thanks and regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 2014年10月26日 (日) 18:04 (UTC)


目前站务分类十分分散,快速删除有两个分类:Category:快速删除候选Category:可以快速删除的文章。整理分类也有两个。(Category:整理Category:維基整理系列)。我建议集中处理这些分类。-Mys 721tx讨论) 2014年10月30日 (四) 17:10 (UTC)

Global AbuseFilter[编辑]


AbuseFilter is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, Global AbuseFilters were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki,, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "small wikis". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "medium sized wikis" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing request for comment on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to this list on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on this page at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter.


PiRSquared17, Glaisher

— 2014年11月14日 (五) 17:34 (UTC)